360°Double Spice Rack

Bring Organization to your home! This is perfect for all your storage and organization needs and is a great addition to any home, office or classroom. 360 Condiment Rack is good for spices, medications, makeup and any smaller toiletries you may have. It is also perfect for soda cans, food condiments, and hairspray bottles. This convenient organizer holds cans and/or bottles and lets you easily find what you need by using its carousel feature.

Convert that Unused Space
Deep cabinets and under the sink space can now be made into useful storage areas. Stacking shelf tiers is extremely simple. Caddies can only be stacked with a caddy of the same size, so you cannot stack a small caddy on top of a medium. When you have your caddy, remove the extension adapters and put them in place to create space in between the caddies. Then, simply line up the slots on the bottom of the next caddy and put it on top of the other one! Only three units can be stacked at a time

Save Time and Energy
How much time do you waste looking for right spice or cleaning product? Using this unique organizer is sure to cut the search time in half! Stack caddy shelves for added storage space and once you need something, just turn the turntable and it’s right there. With such easy access, it makes cooking, cleaning, organizing and everyday living that much easier!

SIZE: 30*18*10CM