BikExtender is a helpful tool to raise up the head handlebar of your beloved bicycle, and bring you enjoyable and relaxed cycling experience without bending the body too low. Made of aluminum alloy, looks firm and beautiful. Suitable for mountain bicycle to rise up the handlebar fork stem.

Go outside and be close to the nature is that why BikExtender exist. Trendiscovery is the pursuit of adventure with the whole body to relax, and BikExtender aims to provide convenience and safety for your outdoor adventures. Just enjoy your journey and we'll become your backing. Be your partner, be your armor.

HIGH STRENGTH  6061 Aluminum alloy bicycle stem riser is 20% lighter than ordinary Al alloy stem extender. Solid and firm handlebar extender that is hard to loose, more safety when use. Strong in anti-corrosion and rust-free, high toughness and not deformed
FUNCTIONAL GASKETS The handlebar adaptor is equipped with 4 gaskets, 3 x 10mm and 1 x 5mm, can increase the height up to 70mm
ADJUSTABLE The stem riser can adjust the gasket to fit your need freely, reducing the pressure of waist effectively, biking more relaxed
EASY INSTALLATION Just connect up the original front bicycle fork stem. The handlebar riser can apply to most of the MBT bikes
COMFORTABLE TO CYCLE Handling more flexible, light weight, much easier to force when climbing, operation is comfortable and convenient

2.8 inch Increased Bike Bicycle Aluminum Alloy Handlebar Front Fork Stem Riser

Material: Forged 6061 aluminium alloy
Base Diameter: 1-1/8 inch
Fork stem diameter: 1-1/8 inch (standard) 
Total height: 4.7 inch 
Weight: 7oz
Adjustable height: max 2.7 inch (0 - 70mm) 
Color: Black, Silver, Red, Blue, Golden