Ceramic Mini Eyelash Charger


Ceramic "mini" Eyelash Charger is a must-have tool for your makeup! It could make your eyelash have a whole day natural looking curls. It is also very easy to use and will not hurt your eyelash. You can take it anywhere. Thanks to the quick-heated technology, preheat only takes approx. 15 seconds. It is simple and easy to use.


INNOVATIVE DESIGN - The Ceramic Eyelash Charger is like a U disk design. Unlike regular curlers, it's easier to curl eyelashes without pinching your eyelids! The best solution for people who have thin eyelashes or worrying about pinching their eyelids. 

QUICK AND LONG LASTING - Provides a long-lasting and natural curl eyelash with gentle evenly applied heat along the entire length of the eyelash. Coated with mascara for better results.

ERGONOMIC & PORTABLE SIZE - The brush head is arc design, fits every eye shape, and curls every lash. Compact and portable size allows you take it with you everywhere. Provides quick curl no matter where you are. 

USB CHARGE - The Ceramic Eyelash Charger is built-in with rechargeable lithium battery with a USB connector charge. Can be used circularly, more environmentally friendly.

EASY OPERATION - The Ceramic Eyelash Charger is easy to operate with one switch. Then turn the curler on and wait about 15 seconds to preheat. After that, gently curl eyelashes. Release and repeat on the other eyelash until the desired look is achieved. Recommend a coat of mascara on the eyelash.


1. Put mascara on the eyelash before using the device.
2. Take off the protective cover.
3. Turn on the device, and the heater starts working. The temperature indicator light turns red when heating is finished. 
4. After using the device, press the switch button again to turn it off. If you need to clean the brush teeth, please use the little brush to clean first. Do not wash with water. Put on the protective cover and put the device in a dry place.

1. When the device gets fully charged, the green light is on. The blue light in on which means low battery, please charge it.
2. Please do not wash the device with water. The device can be cleared with little brush and tissue. 
3. Forbid disassembly and assembly, or the device will be broken. 
4. When using the device, it has the best effect when the temperature is proper, which means the temperature indicator light turns red. 
5. Keep the device away from the kids.


  • Material: ABS + Carbon Ceramic
  • Net Weight: 30g
  • Rechargeable Battery: Lithium Polymer DC3.7Vx120 mA
  • Charging Device: Standard USB Port (PC, Laptop, Car, Electric Outlet etc)
  • Temperature: 80°C to 85°C (176°F to 185°F) 
  • Charging Time: Approx. 25min
  • Size: 89 x 21 x 10.7mm
  • Curling Usage Time: One Time Charge, 10 Times curling (30 to 35min.)


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