Cushion Blush ON

Girls, it is cushion time! Tap with cushion and add color to your cheeks! It contains Moist Tint Emulsion to create a natural glow to the face and maintains long-lasting blush effect with 5 different colors. Introducing the Peripera Cushion Blush On to you right now. 

  • EQUIP CUSHION, EASY MAKEUP: It is well applied to a cream foundation, cushion foundation or matte powder. It also maintains the long-lasting blush effect. 
  • TINT EMULSION: Moisturizing color emulsion makes your cheek lively & lovely.
  • MOISTURIZING BLUSHER: The blusher containing daisy extracted water, rape flower oil, Vitamin E, it helps to moisturize your cheek.
  • EASY CLEANING: If the cushion gets dirty, just detach the cushion from the bottle and wash it. Leave it dry.

VARIETY of COLORS: The Peripera Cushion Brush on comes with 5 different colors such as Pleased Pink, Happy Coral, Cheerful Orange, Shy Pink and Lively Lavender. The different colors of the Peripera Cushion Brush On allow you to choose for different occasions or based on your mood.

  • Pleased Pink (Elegant lady’s coy pink): Fill up the apple zone and create naturally flushed.
  • Happy Cora (Mature girl’s coral): Blend out from the middle of cheeks for edgy and stylish cheeks.
  • Cheerful Orange (Cute girl’s orange): Apply widely from cheekbones to cheeks, bright and cheerful lively orange.
  • Heart Fluttering Pink: Blend naturally around the apple zone, transforming a heart fluttering pink girl into a lady with peach colors.
  • Lively Lavender: Adorable color on the cheek.

How is it different from the pact type blusher?
This is a great item for a makeup novice. Unlike a pact that is difficult to adjust the content amount, the moist emulsion type in this blusher permeates to the skin for a lovely set of cheeks.