Desk Feet Hammock

Most of us spend more time at our desk than in our beds sleeping. It is time we make our hours at our desk as comfortable as our hours sleeping. And a new way to achieve that is with the help of Desk Feet Hammock. 
The Desk Feet Hammock contributes to improving posture, increasing comfort and overall health. Whether you'd like to recline in your seat or just have some extra support, the Foot Hammock fits your needs.

The Desk Feet Hammock is the most comfortable way to sit at your desk. Strong and durable feet hammock, easy to hang and assemble, installed under the desk with slings hung on the desk feet, a healthy and comfortable way to relax your feet and relieve your fatigue. : Meyoung Foot Rest, Office Footrest Adjustable Foot Hammock for Desk Foot Sling Airplane Travel accessories : Office Products


❤ EXTRA-COMFORTABLE and EASY-TO-INSTALL Foot Hammock Even if you are an OFFICE WORKER, GAMER, or if you spend a lot of time in sitting position, we have designed this Foot Hammock Stand to increase your comfort and help you relax. No matter what type of Desk you have, the INSTALLATION of this DIY Office Foot Rest is SIMPLE and FAST.

❤ HIGHLY ADJUSTABLE Foot Rest: We have tried to answer your needs and to offer you a more COMFY and CUSTOMIZED desk position. Therefore, this Desk Feet Hammock is more stable and adjustable back and forth thanks to the Universal Clamps and is height-adjustable thanks to the high-tension rope stoppers

❤ HEALTHY: A COMFORTABLE and CORRECT POSITION when sitting at your Desk Can Improve your Health. Using our Desk Feet Hammock can prevent back pain, poor blood circulation, swollen feet (common among pregnant women), acute fatigue and other disorders caused by the body's inability to relax

SLEEK DESIGN Feel enjoys maximum relaxation the relief that comes only from placing your foot on this smooth foot rest hammock. suitable for use anywhere, such as home, office, outdoors.

    Fits 3.9 feet / 1.2 metre table
    Size: 25.55" x 6.68" / 65 cm x 17 cm
    Length of Rope: 7.87" - 17.69" / 20 cm - 45 cm (adjustable)
    Maximum Bearing Capacity: 60 kg